What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle coaching focuses equally on all areas which may contribute to health, including both diet and lifestyle. This coaching focuses on the behavioral changes needed to enact long-term, sustainable life change. 

Making substantial behavioral changes takes time and requires consistency between the participant and coach.  Unfortunately, this is not covered by insurance.

Who We Serve


We offer group programming as well as 1:1 individual coaching programs designed to help our clients achieve sustainable change.


We offer leadership, group programs and individual 1:1 coaching programs for staff to help your company become healthier and more productive.


We offer programming for nonprofit boards, staff and even customized programming to address the needs of the people you serve.


Get to know Tina

Tina holds a Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health and is a board-certified, licensed dietitian-nutritionist. She is the founder of Encompass Integrative Wellness, LLC, an integrative clinical nutrition practice that focuses on empowering people to embrace food and lifestyle modifications to help them achieve real, sustainable change.  

Tina believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness and works with her clients to customize solutions that work for them. While she works with people with a variety of health goals, she has a special focus on women’s health issues, intuitive eating, getting out of the cycle of dieting, and living a fully integrative lifestyle.

Recent Blog Posts


Working with Christina has been an integral step in taking more control over my health, and making a real change. She has always been helpful, supportive, and informative, and never comes from a place of judgement or shame. She really makes it a point that your experience a collaborative effort, and makes sure the goals set are reasonable. My journey with Christina has been life changing, very positive, and encouraging! I would recommend Christina to anyone who wants to see a nutritionist to help their health.
Prior Client
For three years, Tina has been a critical part of our Transformation Challenge. The challenge was originally to lose weight and more recently to lower Body Fat Percentage and increase Lean Muscle Mass. We believe that an understanding of nutrition and integrative health is the perfect complement to the full body, heart rate-based interval workout we provide. Tina is exceptional in her presentation of a two or four-part series centered on Diet and Lifestyle Changes and the Integrative Components of Stress, Sleep, Breath, Performance, and Longevity.
Scott Lasher
Orange Theory Fitness Owner
Ms. Brockett and her program curriculum have been a vital component to and one of the reasons for the success of the Justice and Recovery Advocates, Inc. Health and Wellness Programming and as a result have helped to rehabilitate and save countless lives. We cannot express enough how positively this program has affected this demographic and how widespread the effects of this program have been felt.
Julie Magers