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I felt the best I had the entire year while doing the Healthy Integrative Program.
Mandy S
Program Participant
I found Christina after many years of struggling to find a doctor who could help me with the health issues I was experiencing due to Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease. I went from one endocrinologist to another, and all they could offer me was medication. Alternative options, like dietary or lifestyle changes, were never offered. I was dealing with bouts of severe fatigue, depression, and brain fog that were impacting my ability to function, and no one could help me. Christina was my last hope, and in a single visit, she helped me more than all of those other doctors combined. She was thorough, compassionate, incredibly knowledgable, and focused on a whole body approach. Because of her detective skills, I discovered a mold problem in my house that was a major trigger for my symptoms, and was able to remove that from my life and significantly improve my health. Christina continues to be the one person I look to and trust with decisions about how to improve my health. I am so grateful to have found her!
Michelle C
Past Client
Working with Christina has been an integral step in taking more control over my health, and making a real change. She has always been helpful, supportive, and informative, and never comes from a place of judgement or shame. She really makes it a point that your experience a collaborative effort, and makes sure the goals set are reasonable. My journey with Christina has been life changing, very positive, and encouraging! I would recommend Christina to anyone who wants to see a nutritionist to help their health.
Past Client