Christina Brockett

Founder and President
Integrative Clinical Nutritionist
Encompass Integrative Wellness, LLC
Frederick, MD
Master of Science (MS)
Nutrition & Integrative Health
MD University of Integrative Health Laurel, MD

Meet “Tina”

I’m an integrative and functional clinical nutritionist who believes that the biochemical uniqueness of a person requires a customized blueprint to optimize health and, where necessary, address dysfunction or disease. Through the consultation process, I work with each client to understand their needs and work together to develop a plan. Rather than just offer generic recommendations which may be unrealistic for a client’s life, this collaborative approach allows for the solutions which clients know are manageable.

My journey towards becoming a practitioner wasn’t direct. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle, especially in the area of distance running, had long interested me.  I found that my running performance varied greatly based on the type and timing of fuel consumed. Aside from viewing food as fuel, I never really thought about the functional aspects of food–especially as it relates to “food as medicine.” That all changed in 2011.

In the fall of 2011, my mother underwent neurosurgery and unfortunately things did not go as planned. Due to complications from the surgery which left her with impaired swallowing and other imbalances, she came to live with me. Over the next few months, my kitchen became a food science lab where I pieced together foods conducive to healing, addressed her imbalances and were easily swallowed.

Although my husband and I were always “foodies” the experience caring for my mother allowed me to view food differently. This altered perspective on food and holistic care helped me to navigate a few of my own health issues and instilled in me the desire to assist others in their path towards wellness.


Christina holds a BS in International Business from the University of Maryland and a MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She is a licensed dietitian-nutritionist within the State of Maryland. Additionally she holds a professional membership with the American College of Nutrition.

Our bodies are always communicating with us, we just need to stop long enough to listen.