This six-week course led by Jen Smith-McLaughlin 500 hr ERYT (Yoga & Meditation Guide) and integrative nutritionist Christina Brockett, MS, CNS, LDN will give an introduction to the hormonal, physiological and mental changes which occur during the years leading up to, during and after menopause including anxiety, depression, weight gain, bone loss, sleep issues, and aging skin. Through lecture, discussion, age and stage appropriate yoga, meditation, and breathwork, we will gain the knowledge and tools to live and thrive through these years with ease and grace.

Session 1 (2/9) What’s Happening to My Body? What are hormones and how they drive the changes we experience as we age.

Session 2 (2/23) Use Knowledge to Conquer Your Symptoms. Strategies to manage symptoms such as weight gain, sleep interruption, mental changes and hot flashes.

Session 3 (3/1) Give Me Strength: Stress is Manageable. Tools to deal with life’s biggest challenge of the 21st century: Stress.

Session 4 (3/8) Kegel as Queen: Be Sexy Now- Time to Own It! The pelvic floor as our foundation and living our sexuality to its fullest.

Session 5 (3/15) Targeting True Health By Going to the Source. Bone health, eradicating inflammation and understanding we hold the key.

Session 6 (3/22) Detoxification to Age Gracefully. Life habits to keep it clean to have beauty inside and out.

Registration is through Yogamour.org at: https://yogamour.org/workshops