There’s More to Heartburn

Is your heartburn or acid reflux getting you down? It really can make every meal miserable. Typically, at least in Western Medicine, this problem is solved with antacids, acid blockers and PPI’s.

In the three-part series below, we are going to review the current treatments for heartburn, why you might want to think about some natural alternatives, and most importantly help you get RELIEF.

Part 1: Do I need medication for my heartburn or acid reflux?

– Written by Tina Brockett, Integrative Nutritionist & Craig Hauser, M.D.

Have heartburn or acid reflux? No problem. Just take this medication, and you’ll have zero heartburn! Sounds great right? Until it doesn’t work or you get side effects from the meds.

Contrary to what mainstream media might convey (have you seen the commercial with the firefighter?), stomach acid is not a bad thing. In fact, stomach acid is a vital part of the digestive process and plays a key role in combatting bad bacteria, and is essential for nutrient absorption.

To understand this, let’s get technical and learn a bit about the digestive process:

For optimal digestion, your stomach has to have a certain level of acid, also known as the pH level. Your food won’t be broken down unless acidity is around a pH of 2. But if you don’t have the right acid level, you get symptoms of undigested food like burping, bloating, gas, bathroom issues, or even leaky gut! For those of you who geek out with the science, read on: