The Food You Eat Powers Your Body, So Choose Wisely

The Food You Eat Powers Your Body, So Choose Wisely

Huffington Post

I want people to think of their bodies a little differently.

Your body, strangely enough, is in no way connected to itself really. It’s a bunch of little cells all huddled closely together. They work together to make structures. Each cell has a unique job, and those jobs and their proximity to each other are what give us life. Sort of. It’s not the totally science/spiritual evolution of man, but it will help with understanding my blog.

Whatever we are doing isn’t working. I don’t care about our weight, or appearance. I care about one very important fact: we are dying earlier than we should, from diseases that experts have labelled preventable.

We are all going to die, that’s an accepted truth. If you want to prolong life, we need to take the focus off of weight loss, and put it on being really, really, totally healthy.

It’s easier than you think. I’m hoping the thought of taking care of your cells vs. the entire body helps.

Let’s get the gym thing out of the way first. The gym is good for two things:

1) Getting sexy

2) Preparing for more intense adventures and extreme tasks.

The battle ground I want to focus on is the workplace. I’ve been on a mission to change the way we see our office places. It’s full of people to help you stay on track, and to keep boredom at bay when you do go for walks, hikes, etc. My goal, and what I do for a living, is to work with offices places for a full year, get people thinking longevity. Reduce absenteeism and the less noticeable presenteeism by getting staff healthy and focused on their productivity. Read more