Integrative & Functional

Providing a dual approach towards health is based on the concept that each person is unique with different biochemistry, preferences, backgrounds, and lifestyles. The integrative component focuses on the needs of the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). The functional component strives to understand the root causes of dysfunction and seeks to restore system balance by addressing these root causes. Optimal wellness requires a combination of these approaches individually tailored to each person.

This unique combination of approaches includes science-based and traditional methods towards healing and is firmly rooted in the belief that food can be used as medicine to maximize health and reverse dysfunction and/or disease.

The desire to be healthy is a common one, but most of us haven’t figured out how to accomplish it. Working with an integrative and functional clinical nutritionist can help you develop individualized strategies and tools towards achieving that goal.

Individualized nutritional assessments and consultations can be scheduled directly on this site or by contacting Encompass Integrative Wellness directly. In-person and virtual appointments via a HIPPA-compliant portal are offered. Participating clients will have access to their own online portal where they can communicate directly with Tina via video sessions or messages.


Please see the services page for information on individual counseling packages, corporate offerings, and upcoming events and classes.